Favorite Podcasts

Helloo, welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday post, a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is an Audio Freebie. I decided to go with Favorite Podcasts because I love listening to podcast while commuting, it’s such a great way to past time while learning about something new … or entertaining.
Here I listed some of my favorites, and I apologize for the fact that some of them are not books-related 😛

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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Authors I Discovered This Year

top ten tuesday

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Hi guys. I’ve finally done it, my first ever Top Ten Tuesday! I didn’t even plan to, but I opened wordpress reader and found out that this week topic is top ten new-to-us authors in 2015. Guess what. I have a draft titled 10 Authors I Discovered This Year collecting dust in the bottom of my post stash I saved for rainy days. Well, better post it before it’s too late, right?

Let’s dive in.

10. Nicola Yoon

Last month, I rambled about Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I mentioned, among others, how disappointed I was that I didn’t love it as much as I wanted to. Gah. Nicola is a very creative author and I did enjoy her writing, so I will give her next book a chance.

9. Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of The Wind is one critically acclaimed book if I have ever seen one. I, sadly, couldn’t get into it. There was something about Kvothe that made him too far away for me to connect. I will admit, however, that Rothfuss is a BOSS when it comes to world-building and complicated magic system. I am still unsure whether I am going to read the rest of The Kingkiller Chronicle (too much time investment), but I will give his writing another chance one day.

8. Ernest Cline

I read Ready Player One out of curiosity and because it was supposed to be adapted to the big screen. Although I didn’t get many of the 80’s references, I still very much enjoy the book. The idea of living in virtual simulation to forget about real life hit close to home. Although I never plan to do that, I still remember my days playing The Sims all day and night.

7. Jenny Han

Always want to try a Jenny Han book, but never knew which one to start. I finally decided on The Summer I Turned Pretty and it was just the perfect reading for my lazy Sunday. I connected with Belly, albeit not immediately, but I could totally see glimpses of my 16 year old self in her.

6. Susan Ee

I’ve just recently dig my TBR and decided I should read Penryn & The End of Days. Upon starting Angelfall, I simply CANNOT STOP. It was a compulsive reading and very fast-paced. I have now finished all three books which I very much enjoy.

5. Gillian Flynn

I read Gone Girl because it was everywhere, and I read Dark Places and Sharp Objects because they were included in the bundle I bought (yes, I’m thrifty). And WOW, can this lady write. If you think Gone Girl is good, wait until you read Sharp Objects. All three of her books are being/have been adapted into film. Gone Girl received critics praises, but Dark Places unfortunately did not. Why do I say unfortunately? I never watched the movie so I cannot judge it, but I’m worried that the bad movie will keep people off her book. So, if you have seen the Dark Places movie and you think it was bad, don’t let it stop you from picking up the book, please. Sharp Objects is going to be made into TV series, which shall be interesting.

4. Becky Albertalli

Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda is my favorite contemporary published this year. It was sweet and beautiful and I thoroughly enjoy Albertalli’s writing. And it’s only her debut novel. Can you imagine how GOOD her next books will be?

3. Leigh Bardugo

I have seen her Grisha trilogy many times, but something always stop me from buying it. Mixed reviews, for one. However, upon conducting my research of new releases, I found out she’s releasing a new book titled Six of Crows, which has very exciting premise about six crew members trying to pull off a heist. I immediately bought it and OH MY WORDS, was it good. You can find my review here. I’m still in doubt whether I should go and read the Grisha trilogy, but I cannot wait for Crooked Kingdom, the second book in Six of Crows series (duology?)

2. V.E. Schwab

Haha, yes, I just stumbled upon Schwab this year. There’s nothing like reading first few pages of a book and feeling like you have just met your long-lost friend. That’s how I felt when I read A Darker Shade of Magic. If you read more than one of my blog posts, you will see how obvious I am in my love for Schwab and ADSOM (and how I couldn’t wait for A Gathering of Sha—OH MY GOD Windie, STOP!)

1. Brandon Sanderson

It’s crazy how I never read any Sanderson’s book until this year. I saw Steelheart and Firefight in my local bookstore so many times, but it was not until my sister shoved Mistborn in my hands that I found a new favorite author. Although it was Mistborn that started it, The Stormlight Archive series are the ones that cemented my faith in his writing. I have now read 7 of his books, and I am very happy to find that he has many published books that I can pore over read while waiting for Stormlight #3. Then, after I finish, I would reread them to try finding all the cosmere connections.

Most Anticipated October Releases

The month of October is upon us! Okay, it’s still 16 days to go, but I’m buzzing with excitement over the possibility of new releases (books) next month.

Here are some of my most anticipated books to be released in October 2015.

October 6

I’m kicking this off with a BIG release day. Not only that Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer (the first book in the new Rick Riordan series) will be released on that day, it’s also the day when Ms. Rainbow Amazing-is-My-Middle-Name Rowell is going to drop her new book, Carry On. Two RRs (that four Rs) in one day, I think I might faint from over-excitement and exclamation points!!!

Let’s talk about them.
Rick Riordan has been one of the most consistent MG/YA author I ever read. His Percy Jackson is on my top 5 series of all time, and I also enjoy The Kane Chronicles and The Heroes of Olympus. He is one of the few authors whose companion books I still buy (PJ & The Greek Heroes, PJ & The Greek Gods, etc).

Rainbow Rowell, man, I would run of adjective to describe this lady so I wouldn’t even start. Her writing is so SO GOOD. Now, Fangirl wasn’t my favorite of hers, but I still heart it so I’m more than willing to give Carry On, which was a Fangirl spinoff, a try. See, the other thing I love about Rainbow is that she’s a badass. She was famous for writing realistic YA, but then she went ahead and published not only an adult fiction, but one with magicked telephone in it.

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