March Most Anticipated New Releases

March marks the release of one of my most anticipated 2016 YA, Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare, but if shadowhunters is not for you, check out what other books will be in stores next month.

Release Date: March 1 2016

A Study in Charlotte (Charlotte Holmes #1) by Brittany Cavallaro | GOODREADS PAGE

asic cover

Stand-alone or series: the first book in a series.

Category | Genre: Young Adult | Mystery, Thriller, Retelling (?)

I’ve never watched a full episode of Sherlock Holmes (I know, I know). I did, however, read some of the books and watched the movies, so I expected this version of female Holmes (Charlotte) to be at least as fascinating as her predecessor.

Release Date: March 8 2016

Iron to Iron (Wolf by Wold #0.5) by Ryan Graudin | GOODREADS PAGE

iron cover

Stand-alone or series: part of a series; it’s the prequel novella to Wolf by Wolf.

Category | Genre: Young Adult | Historical Fiction

I must be the only person who haven’t read Wolf by Wolf, but I intended to do so very soon. If, unlike me, you have read it and now have set up a countdown timer to the release of Blood for Blood, this prequel novella is for you!

Lady Midnight (#1 in The Dark Artifices) by Cassandra Clare | GOODREADS PAGE

book cover

Stand-alone or series: the first book in The Dark Artifices series

Category | Genre: Young Adult | Fantasy, Paranormal

Cassie is back with a new shadowhunters series! The Dark Artifices is set a couple of years after the events in The Mortal Instruments with a new ensemble of shadowhunters. If TMI was set in New York’s Institute, TDA took place in the Los Angeles Institute. The main characters, Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn, have been introduced in TMI and then in the Tales from the shadowhunter academy. I still have mixed feelings about the two, but I’ll definitely give this one a try.

Release Date: March 29 2016

The Winner’s Kiss (The Winner’s Trilogy #3) by Marie Rutkoski | GOODREADS PAGE

book cover

Stand-alone or series: The final installment in The Winner’s trilogy

Category | Genre: Young Adult | High Fantasy

Another series I have not read, but the reviews for this series, and especially this book, have been largely positive. As a final book in the very well-accepted series, this book has been building up hype in the last couple of months. To the fans of the series, I hope it meets and exceeds all of your expectation!

Surprisingly, Brandon Sanderson is not releasing any book for March 🙂 My TBR pile breathed a sigh of relief.
But let me know, what books are your most anticipated releases for March?

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News Round-up #4

book news round-up

Hello, here goes another quick round-up. Today, I’d like to share an excerpt from Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight and a movie trailer adapted from a certain book.
Let’s get to it!

Lady Midnight Excerpt

If you’re like me and cannot wait for Lady Midnight, the first book in The Dark Artifices series, here’s something to whet your appetite. A wild excerpt has appeared! (that is not a pokemon reference) Yep, this is a different excerpt from the one added at the end of each ebook in Tales from The Shadowhunter Academy. You can read the excerpt here.

MILD SPOILER WARNING Lady Midnight told the story of Emma Carstairs and her parabatai, Julian Blackthorn. In this chapter, Emma and Jules and the other Blackthorn kids were studying with their mentor, Diana, when they were unexpectedly interrupted by some mysterious guests. END SPOILER

Please be aware that this excerpt is not a filler-ish one, but it contains spoiler to a key plot details in the book. If you have read the summary, you’d have known already and you’ll be safe to proceed. However, if you do not want to be spoiled at all, do avoid reading the summary AND the excerpt.

A Monster Calls teaser trailer

Here’s something for Patrick Ness’ fans. The teaser trailer for A Monster Calls has been put online and I think it looks gorgeous. I know, maybe gorgeous is not the right word, but that’s how I feel when I watched the short clip.
Watch it below and let me know what you think!

I am very excited for this one although, confession time, I haven’t read A Monster Calls. Before you guys calling for my head, let me explain that the only reason why I haven’t read it is because I cannot find a single copy of this book anywhere in my city. I do really want to read this, but after I watch the trailer I’m considering watching the movie first just to have a different perspective. The movie is directed by JA Bayona, who has great credential with The Impossible (that movie about tsunami starring Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, and Tom Holland-yes, that spiderman Tom Holland) and the creepy-tically acclaimed The Orphanage. It also has great cast. I mean, Felicity Jones, Liam Neeson, Sigourney Weaver, Toby Kebbell! What more could you want? Lewis Macdougall gets the leading role as Connor and from what I see in the teaser, I’m hopeful that he’s going to do a good job. He also starred in Pan, but I didn’t watch that one so I cannot judge.

Goodreads Choice Awards – It’s the final round!

Last thing before I’m ending this post. Goodreads Choice Awards is on the final round and I never feel so conflicted! Are you asking me to choose between Rainbow Rowell, Brandon Sanderson, Leigh Bardugo, and Sarah J Maas? Like, what even!?
However, if you brave people have made up your mind, head to the awards page and vote for your pick. Voting ends on November 23 so make sure to vote before then.

By the way, I am also using the goodreads choice awards to add books to my TBR. There are some books I’m not familiar with that got into the final round so of course I’m adding them to my TBR. Is anyone doing the same thing?

Let me know, are you excited about A Monster Calls movie and/or Lady Midnight? Do you think I should read A Monster Calls first before I watch the movie? (secretly hoping for a yes)What books are you voting for in GR Choice Awards?

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