Diverse Books Recommendation #FBCYA

Last month, I read and chat about Harry Potter for the Fanboy Book Club, this awesome book club dedicated to read books with male leads. This month, our book of the month is More Happy than Not by Adam Silvera, a book I’ve been wanting to read for some time. MC @ Blame It On The Books will be hosting this month, and as per her announcement post, we get to recommend diverse books for this month. By the way, you should totally check out her post for other bloggers’ recommendation and in case you want to join the book club.


I think that I haven’t read that many diverse books, but here are some I want to share with you. In the spirit of FBCYA, the first two are with male with leads, number three to five has male leads although there are multiple narrators. However, the last one has female lead.

For urban fantasy focusing on family:

THE DEMON’S LEXICON (Sarah Rees Brennan)

tdl Diversity pitch:

  • Disabled male protagonist (not the narrator)
  • LGBT characters, people of color

Other high points:

  • Focus on relationships between siblings and family
  • Witty banters all day all the time
  • Only one of my favorite book ever (forgive me for recommending it every single time)


For heartwarming LGBT contemporary:


 sim Diversity pitch:

  • Characters: LGBT, people of colors
  • Tackling many issues: family and friend support, homophobic issue, social media

Other high points:

  • Heartwarming without ignoring important issues
  • Can i just say this is my favorite YA contemporary ever? :))


For a blend of romance and fantasy:

CARRY ON (Rainbow Rowell)

carry_on Diversity pitch:

  • two boy wizards fell in love in the midst of good vs evil battle.
  • interspecies (?) relationships
  • multiracial leads, including the best friend

Other high points:

  • Rowell wields parentheses like a boss (some readers seem to be annoyed by this, but I love it)
  • Unique spellcasting influenced by pop culture


For eclectics cast with disabled protagonist:

SIX OF CROWS (Leigh Bardugo)

 soc Diversity pitch:

  • MC with physical disability (crippled)
  • The melting pot that is Ketterdam, offering us a bunch of very diverse characters with distinct personalities

Other high points:

  • The interaction between the characters are what made Six of Crows so great. There’s something for everyone here
  • Heist!


For historical ghost stories filled with characters with diverse backgrounds: 

THE DIVINERS series (Libba Bray)

book cover Diversity pitch:

  • Diverse characters with distinct backgrounds: LGBT, people of color, immigrants, chorus girl with mysterious past. You named it.
  • Disabled key character in book 2

Other high points:

  • The atmosphere of this series is really fantastic


For a murder mystery highly influenced by Māori mythology:


 book cover Diversity pitch:

  • Deeply rooted in Māori culture and their mythology. If you like mythology, but want to try something other than Greek/Rome, you might want give this one a try
  • Asexual character
  • Body image issue
  • Multispecies, multiracial

Other high points:

  • Page-turner mystery


That’s all for now! There are many books I didn’t get to mention here and even many more that I need to read. Please leave me your recommendations for diverse books.

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Fanboy Book Club: Kick-off #FBCYA

Hello everyone,

I’m so excited to announce that I am now a member of a book club. It’s called the Fanboy Book Club and it was created by Bianca @ Ultimate Fangirl. FBC is a book club dedicated to read, discuss, and review books with male leads. If you’d like to know more about this book club, check out Bianca’s post here and her intro post here. The official goodreads page could be found here. I never joined a book club before, so it’s going to be fun!
Our February read is a book called Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. You might have heard of it :p It’s going to be a re-read for me, but it’s been a while since I re-read HP so I cannot wait!

But first of all, a kick-off post!


Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hey guys *waves* I’m Windie, currently resides in my hometown in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Anyway, I love books (obviously), procrastinating, coffee, (learning to) write codes, and I suck at graphic-making. I’m also an avid F1 fan, but never mind that. :p

How did you come up with your blog name?

My blog is called Geek Apprentice because it wasn’t meant to be a book blog. I used to blog about techy-stuff I was learning about (hence the name), but then last October I decided to switch to book blogging.

You could totally see that I’m awful at planning.

Who is your favorite male character?

The first name that came to my mind is Nico DiAngelo (from the infamous Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan). And after that Alan Ryves (from The Demon’s Lexicon series by Sarah Rees Brennan). Please let me have two. I don’t wanna choose between my faves.

I’m giving you the freedom here. Who are your book husbands/book boyfriends?

I know this is supposed to give me freedom, but I tend to ship character with other character so I don’t really have a book boyfriend. lol. I’m just going to go with my fave here: Alan Ryves. Because he loves books, he’s a good cook, and he’s great with parents and children (I suck at both). He’s also a compulsive liar, but I think I could handle that.

Book with a male lead that really stuck to your heart?

The Demon’s – okay fine I’ll go with another book. It’s also one I’ve been mentioning a lot: Unwind by Neal Shusterman. It actually has multi-POV but I always think the first Unwind book as Connor’s story. Unwind is a book that’s really close to my heart because the theme (organ donation vs unwinding) struck me as realistic and it’s one of a very few books that really blew my mind.

Link to your social media accounts

You can find me on twitter and goodreads: Twitter | Goodreads