Top Ten Tuesday: Last 5 Star-ish Reads

top ten tuesday

Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday post, a fun feature hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is the most recent five star (or best) books you read.

According to Goodreads, in total I have 20 books I rated 5-star. Some of these are not actual 5-star, more like 4.5-ish. Anyway, here I listed the last 10 or so. By the way, no price for guessing how many Sanderson books end up in this list.

A Gathering of Shadows (V.E. Schwab)

A Gathering of Shadows cover

Actual rating: 4.5 star

The second book in the Shades of Magic series offers more magic, pirates, and great banters. What else could I ask for? Answers, for one, which I hope will be provided in the third book.

Angelfall (Susan Ee)


Actual rating: 5 star

Penryn & the End of Days is a classic example of a series gone awry. The first book, Angelfall, was an instant favorite of mine. The premise is nothing new and all the usual tropes you think will be there are there. The execution, the action, the pace, and most of all the characters, however, were so good I didn’t mind how cringe-worthy some scenes are.

Warbreaker (Brandon Sanderson)


Actual rating: 4.5 star

As a reader who loved sarcastic characters and witty banters, reading Warbreaker is like finding a gold mine. The book was so quotable, I still have one of them in my lock screen.

“Sometimes our conversations remind me of a broken sword. Sharp as hell, but lacking a point.”

There was a god who tried to undermine his own religion, a murderous talking sword, and characters that kept you wondering whose side they were on.

The Way of Kings (Brandon Sanderson)


Actual rating: 5 star

Words of Radiance (Brandon Sanderson)


Actual rating: 5-star (*sneakily add more stars when no one is looking*)

The two books combined made a formidable read at over 2000 pages. If you want to read Sanderson’s best works, read the Stormlight Archive. Although it’ll be better if you get to know his writing better before hefting the way of kings, through his more popular series like Mistborn or Reckoners.
One day I will review these books, til then I’ll just keep asking you to check out my 8 Reasons to Read Stormlight Archive post.

The Rithmatist (Brandon Sanderson)


Actual rating: 4.5 star

Super fun and innovative magic system, this book transported me back to the good ol’ time when I actually have time to play RPG. Bonus 0.5 star for making chalk drawings into believable monsters.

Landline (Rainbow Rowell)


Actual rating: 5 star

This one is quite a controversial pick. Most readers agree that Landline was not Rowell’s best. I, however, cannot see the flaws out of my love for Georgie McCool and her husband, Neal. Landline was Rowell returns to adult fiction since her debut, Attachment. It was supposed to be a regular romance novel… that is until she put a magick telephone in it. As you do.

Girl of Nightmares (Kendare Blake)


Actual rating: 4.5 star

Girl of Nightmares is the sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood. For the life of me, I cannot remember why I gave Anna 3 stars, but I remember why I love this book: the unconventional pairing; the kick-ass queen bee with weird name, a ghost hunter that didn’t exactly know what he was doing, and Anna Korlov. If you’re interested in YA horror genre, you might want to give this series a try.

The Great Train Robbery (Michael Crichton)


Actual rating: 5 star

I don’t know why it took me forever to finally read this book, but it was Crichton at his best. No science mumbo jumbo, no info-dumping, just HEIST. And a great one at that.

McFly – Unsaid Things… Our Story (McFly)


Actual rating: 5 star

Once upon a time, I was a big McFly fan. Now, I’m not even sure whether this band still exist (long story). Either way, from my totally biased point of view, this was an entertaining read, at least for their fans. The book was written after they separated from their label, made their own recording company, re-signed a distribution deal with their old distributor, and experienced the low point in their career. It was not the “Wooo we get to perform at Wembley Stadium thanks to our fans” book, although I would read that too. It was about four friends that struggle through bipolar disorder, depression, and unfulfilled dreams.

That’s it for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday. Let me know if you love or hate dislike passionately any book in my list.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional Ways to Make Someone Loves You

top ten tuesday

Welcome to another episode of Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s theme is Valentine’s Day freebie which means you could pick any topic related to crush/love/Valentine’s Day.

Since most of the books I read are fantasy, I decided to make a list that incorporates magic. Hence, Eight Fictional Ways to Make Someone Fall in Love with You was born. There are only eight items in this list because I ran out of ideas. LOL. Please note that I’m using the term “fall in love” loosely, some of these methods will only make someone attracted to or infatuated with you and most of the time the effect is temporary. Precaution: side effects might happen and efficacy is not guaranteed!


  1. Amortentia (Harry Potter)
    As per the wiki:

    “Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world. It is distinctive for its mother-of-pearl sheen, and steam rises from the potion in spirals. Amortentia smells different to each person, according to what attracts them.”

    There are several other mentions of love potion throughout the series, and I only pick this one as an example.

  2. Rioting (Mistborn)
    Well, this only works if you’re an allomancer, specifically a rioter (or mistborn), and even then rioting only works by strengthening an emotion that’s already there. Therefore, this might not work on a complete stranger or a person who completely hates you.
  3. Glamour (Lunar Chronicles)
    If you’re Lunar, then you might have a secret weapon called glamour. Glamour works by manipulating bio-electricity and the effects depend on the person in contact with you. A strong glamour could evoke strong feeling in the eyes of the beholder. It wears off quickly though. User beware: get rid of all the mirrors before trying this one out!
  4. Use your EO mind control ability (Vicious)
    EO stands for ExtraOrdinary and if you, like Serena Clarke, got gifted the mind control ability, you could make people do whatever you want. It’s not the same as love, but hey they will jump off the cliff for you.
  5. Re-wire the brain (BZRK)
    Here’s one that requires tenacity and not a small amount of time. If you join BZRK, you’ll be able to control biots, microscopic creatures able to enter human body and rewire the brain. It’s a high risk procedure, but it might be a good option if you’re looking for something more permanent.
  6. Employ a siren (Caster Chronicles)
    Unlike rewiring, this one basically works immediately and the effect is short-term. If you’re looking to infatuate someone but only for a short period of time, you could contact dark caster in your vicinity.
  7. Hire an emotion worker (Curse workers series)
    An emotion worker could ‘plant’ feeling on other people. The downsides? It’ll have to be applied often and the person affected might realize they’re being manipulated.
  8. Make a deal with a crossroads demon (Supernatural)
    Okaay, this one is a bad idea because your soul is the price you have to pay once the deadline is due. Just ask Becky Rosen.

That’s it for today. Leave me a comment if you know of other methods, evil or not. 🙂 Until next time!

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Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Books of The Year

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here The Broke and the Bookish. Go to their site and join in.

On this week Top Ten Tuesday, I get to pick favorites. Yep, it’s time for Top 10 Favorite Books I Read This Year. It sounds really fun, but it turned out to be very difficult. Problem number one, I am extremely indecisive. Problem number two, I cannot choose which book to eliminate. Problem number three, I’m trying to avoid turning this into Top Five Sanderson Books I Read This Year. I finally decided to divide the list unequally to top 4 adults books and top 6 young adults books.


1. Words of Radiance & The Way of Kings (Brandon Sanderson)

twok  wrds

See what I did there? Yes, it’s me trying to sneak an extra Brandon Sanderson book into the list. In my defense, I want to use the space for another book so these two books from The Stormlight Archive just have to share the number one spot.
Hmm, I’m sure no one wants to see me blabbering about these books ever again BUT I WILL. If high fantasy is something you enjoy, you need to give this series a try. Remember that number of pages is just that, a number. The first thirty three chapters could be challenging to get through because you wouldn’t understand anything, but hang on, I promise it’ll pay off.

2. A Darker Shade of Magic (V.E. Schwab)

Four Londons. A thief and a smuggler. And one fabulous coat.
If you need more convincing, just read any of my post, I mention this book in nearly all of them.

3. Warbreaker (Brandon Sanderson)

The lesser known, lower rated (on GR) book of Brandon Sanderson is surprisingly great. Every character is well-developed. From the witty Lightsong to the brash Siri to the talking sword (yes, there’s a talking sword in this book. A murderous, sarcastic talking sword).
It’s also part of the cosmere, the fictional world Sanderson created for his high fantasy novels (Steelheart and Rithmatist not included). Can I just say how exciting it is to find characters from another book in this book and vice versa (the so-called worldhopper). Side note: I promise this is the last Sanderson book in this list.

4. Sharp Objects (Gillian Flynn)

Oh gosh Gillian, why are your characters so twisted? I have read a couple of good thrillers this year, but this is the only one that made the list.


1. Carry On (Rainbow Rowell)


A little shaky at the beginning, but the moment Tyrannus Basilton Grimm Pitch enters the scene, the book redeemed itself. I am a person who usually favors more action over romance, but I make an exception for this book.

2. Six of Crows (Leigh Bardugo)

That line alone sold me. The characters, however, are the main reasons why this book made it into the list. The book is so impossibly good and it’s totally worth your time. I SHALL GO DOWN WITH ALL THE SHIPS. (AND ALL THE CAPS)

3. Angelfall (Susan Ee)

Intense, action-packed, and funny. Plus a ship I’m totally on board with.

4. Lair of Dreams (Libba Bray)

Lair of Dreams is the sequel to the Diviners, which I enjoyed but did not loved. I didn’t really have any expectation when reading Lair of Dreams, didn’t even pay attention to the synopsis, but even if I did I highly doubt I will see that TWIST coming. I thought I’ll miss Evie, but I really didn’t because the new characters are just so great. Libba Bray could write kickass historical and I could not wait to read more of hers.

5. Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda (Becky Albertalli)

Adorkable and fluffy are the perfect words to describe this book. My favorite contemporary of the year. If you haven’t read it, please do so. Please.

6. Challenger Deep (Neal Shusterman)

Challenger Deep tackles the topic of schizophrenia from first person point of view. The plot follows two parallel timeline, one is the reality faced by Caden the teenager and the other is his hallucination as a crewmember heading to Marianas Trench. This book made me feel uneasy and uncomfortable, and that is a good thing. When Caden hit bottom, I wanted to pull him out so bad. When his reality blurred, it made me disoriented and confused. Bonus point for Shusterman for including the illustrations drawn by his son. They gave me chills.

That’s it for today. Does any of these books make it into your own list? Let me know.

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Most Anticipated October Releases

The month of October is upon us! Okay, it’s still 16 days to go, but I’m buzzing with excitement over the possibility of new releases (books) next month.

Here are some of my most anticipated books to be released in October 2015.

October 6

I’m kicking this off with a BIG release day. Not only that Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer (the first book in the new Rick Riordan series) will be released on that day, it’s also the day when Ms. Rainbow Amazing-is-My-Middle-Name Rowell is going to drop her new book, Carry On. Two RRs (that four Rs) in one day, I think I might faint from over-excitement and exclamation points!!!

Let’s talk about them.
Rick Riordan has been one of the most consistent MG/YA author I ever read. His Percy Jackson is on my top 5 series of all time, and I also enjoy The Kane Chronicles and The Heroes of Olympus. He is one of the few authors whose companion books I still buy (PJ & The Greek Heroes, PJ & The Greek Gods, etc).

Rainbow Rowell, man, I would run of adjective to describe this lady so I wouldn’t even start. Her writing is so SO GOOD. Now, Fangirl wasn’t my favorite of hers, but I still heart it so I’m more than willing to give Carry On, which was a Fangirl spinoff, a try. See, the other thing I love about Rainbow is that she’s a badass. She was famous for writing realistic YA, but then she went ahead and published not only an adult fiction, but one with magicked telephone in it.

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