Review Policy

Review Request

As a book blogger, I love reading and reviewing books. In my blog, I mostly review or feature speculative fiction in young adult demographics.

Since June 2017, I no longer review contemporary fiction in my blog in an attempt to focus on promoting diverse reads in science fiction and fantasy genre.


If you’d like me to review your book, please use the contact form with your contact details and book description/synopsis.

Please note that I do not automatically accept all review requests. I’ll notify you through email if I accept the request. I usually respond within a week, except when I’m on hiatus, so if I don’t get back to you within that time frame, please feel free to resend your request.

Review Ratings

5 star (5 stars): A very special book. Usually given only to books that blow my mind or those I cannot stop talking about.

4.5 stars (4.5 stars): A truly memorable book. 4.5 are for those books that I really loved, but have some minor problems with.

4 stars (4 stars): A great book. Given to books I loved, beautifully written, or have something different that made it outstanding in one or more aspects.

3.5 stars (3.5 stars): A good book. 3.5 basically means it’s good but there’s something quite major that didn’t work for me.

3 stars (3 stars): An okay book. 3 stars mean it was competently written, but I didn’t find anything special about it.

2.5 stars (2.5 stars): An on-the-fence book. 2.5 stars usually given to books that I disliked but have some redeeming qualities, whether it’s good plot, great character arc, or a good premise.

2 stars (2 stars): A book I don’t like. Usually given to books that I failed to enjoy, but might recommend to someone else since there aren’t really any major flaws (e.g., offensive theme) within it.

1 star: I don’t even have an image for this since I haven’t reviewed any book that merits the 1 star rating. In my mind, 1 star is for really offensive book or book that’s poorly written I really struggle to finish it.