My 2021 Reading Challenge

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Hi all,
Windie here with my 2021 reading challenge post.
After skipping reading challenge in 2020, I decided that this year I will push myself not just to read but to read beyond my usual genre and authors. As I am not an expert in this, I decided to browse other sites and blogs for inspiration.
There were 3 reading challenges that became my source: The 2021 Reading Women Challenge, the 2021 Popsugar Reading Challenge, and the Book Riot’s 2021 Read Harder Challenge. Because there are so many items in the three, I didn’t take all the challenges. Below is the reading challenge I personalized based on my 2021 priorities. I fully admit that this covers very little of what’s out there, but hopefully this can be a start for me.

Besides the tailored 2021 Reading Challenge, I also wanted to do something different for this year. Something I probably should have done a long long time ago. You see, I’ve come from a country in Southeast Asia, a heavily underrepresented sub region of Asia in the literature world. However, I, myself, didn’t make enough effort to read more authors from my own region. Admittedly, it wouldn’t be easy to get hold of English-written or translated books from some of these countries, but the least I can do is try.
If you want to join in, I added here the PDF checklist of the 11 Southeast Asia countries.
I will also come with a list of books that can be accessed in ebook or other formats in upcoming posts. I’d also appreciate any recommendation or if you’re an author from these countries, do reach out to me through the contact me page. I accept recommendation for any kind of literature, whether it’s short stories, fiction, memoir, poetry books.

2021 Reading Challenge
Click here to download the 2021 Reading Challenge (PDF)
2021 Southeast Asia Reading Challenge
Click here to download the 2021 Southeast Asia Reading Challenge (PDF)