Life updates and (another) hiatus

Hello friends!

Sorry for the lack of post last week. I was in reading slump and did not have any idea on what else to post. As a matter of fact, I’ve been struggling to keep my one post a week promise lately. It was going great when I just started on implementing the idea of shorter reviews. However, as the months passed I have come to another realization. I just could not read fast enough to post one book review every week. And in the near future, I will have even less time to read. The reasons for this are both bad and good. On the good side, I just got a new job – with better benefits and (hopefully) career path. On the downside, as I begin to start the new job next month, I fully expect longer working hours and even less time to read and blog.

Then there was a problem of me being a moody reader and haven’t been in the mood to read lately. The best way to illustrate this is by showing you my currently-reading shelf on goodreads.currently reading

As you can see, I’ve been reading Timekeeper for nearly a year and Genie Lo (my most anticipated read this month) for nearly 3 weeks. And both of them are books I actually enjoy reading.

So, those are the reasons why I’m taking another hiatus. I will be back once I’m settled in my new workplace, hopefully by October or November. In the mean time, I might be slow to response to comments and emails, but if you need me I’ll be on twitter. Take care!

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