A Darker Shade of Magic Re-read: Part IX

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Welcome to my re-read of A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. This is the 9th part of my weekly re-read posts. If you have read ADSOM, come re-read and discuss it with me. If you never read it, I highly recommend it especially if you like fantasy books, sarcastic protagonists, kick-ass heroine, and fabulous coat. Even though it’s a re-read, I will do my best to avoid spoiling future chapters in the post itself, which is quite easy because most of the time, I didn’t remember what happened. So even though this is the first time you read ADSOM, you could follow along. However, please note that although the post itself is spoiler-free from future chapters, the comments section are spoiler zone, where you can talk about anything including the plot twist and the book conclusion. Without further ado, let’s sail through A Darker Shade of Magic. All aboard!

This week, we’re going to cover Part IX Festival & Fire.


Aaanndd we’re back in Red London. Well, Kell did. But where’s Delilah? Was she trapped in the path between alternate universes? Or worse, inside the wall? *GASP* We sure hope not. We being both me and Kell. Let’s go find her! *traipsing around Red London*

THERE SHE IS. It turned out, Lila made it to Red London after all, but in different place. She looked around and saw the red river, the vessel of Red London. Quick question. If you’re a wannabe pirate, what is the first thing that you see? The SHIPS of course. They were fabulous and she wanted them so bad. But let’s leave the ships for now because there’s a big thing in town. What is it? Why, it’s Prince Rhy’s birthday celebration. The prince with his parents were leading the procession to the castle and Lila saw Kell’s brother for the first time, not that she knew that. It was not the “sparks flying at the first sight” as I predicted, but Rhy DID notice her so that’s something. On the other hand, Lila also heard about the “missing black-eyed prince.” Wait, what?? … Moving on.

Lila walked around the festival and tried to steal a charm from a merchant tent. Unfortunately, it was enchanted. Fortunately, Kell found her before things got even more awry. They made their quick getaway and Lila cornered Kell into admitting that he indeed belonged to royal family. A heated argument ensued between the two. I have to admit, this was one of my favorite scene between them. How Kell felt like a prisoner in a gilded castle and Lila had to fend for herself and never felt safe. They had their differences, but they were both strong and levelheaded enough to carry on with their mission.

And to The Ruby Fields they went. Except Ruby Fields is no more. It – and all the people inside – was burned to ashes by Holland. Speaking of Holland, here he came. Kell, knowing he was in no condition to fight Holland, commanded the stone to conceal he and Lila. The stone obeyed, and not only it made them invisible, it even made them incorporeal. Holland finally gave up on them, for now, but not before he let them know that he killed Barron. 🙁 COLD HEARTLESS VILLAIN, why cannot I hate you?* But I really can’t. Despite everything, I care about Barron.

After Barron left, Kell realized that he only had one option now that he’s lost all of his trinkets. He has to find Fletcher and took his chess piece back.

Favorite Quote

You have a house if not a home. You have people who care for you if not about you. You may not have everything you want, but I’d wager you have everything you could ever need, and you have the audacity to claim it all forfeit because it is not love.

Favorite Scene

THAT argument between Lila and Kell.


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