A Darker Shade of Magic Re-read: Part VIII

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Welcome to my re-read of A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. This is the 8th part of my weekly re-read posts. If you have read ADSOM, come re-read and discuss it with me. If you never read it, I highly recommend it especially if you like fantasy books, sarcastic protagonists, kick-ass heroine, and fabulous coat. Even though it’s a re-read, I will do my best to avoid spoiling future chapters in the post itself, which is quite easy because most of the time, I didn’t remember what happened. So even though this is the first time you read ADSOM, you could follow along. However, please note that although the post itself is spoiler-free from future chapters, the comments section are spoiler zone, where you can talk about anything including the plot twist and the book conclusion. Without further ado, let’s sail through A Darker Shade of Magic. All aboard!

This week, we’re going to cover Part VIII An Arrangement.


We have crossed the midpoint and it’s getting exciting, at least for me.

In the previous part, Kell passed out on Lila’s bed after Holland tried to bleed him dry. In Part VIII, Kell was finally awake and found himself feeling like shit but otherwise healed of his wound. Turns out, little miss resourceful Lila Bard has somehow understood how his coat work—something that even Rhy couldn’t do—and found a magical healing salve Kell himself has misplaced. I wonder what other things he has misplaced in that coat.

Kell finally made up his mind, that he has to bring the stone back to its home, Black London. At this point, Kell info-dump Lila on the existence of four Londons (Dull London, Kell London, Creepy London, and Dead London) and of course she wanted to come with Kell to Dead London. The problem is, one cannot go through directly from Dull London to Dead London because they are stacked like sheets of papers, one on top of another, with Dull London at one end and Dead London at another. This means, Kell (and Lila if she went with Kell) would have to visit Kell London and Creepy London on their way to Dead London. Does it mean Lila will get to meet Rhy? Attend his birthday maybe? Or frolicking around the town? I think those two will get along with each other, giving Kell headache and causing him to frown even more.

Anyway, Lila finally managed to force convince Kell to take her along. Together, they slipped past sleeping Barron and went to another fixed point where Kell would create a door to Red London. He intended to make a quick trip to Ruby Fields where he stored most of his tokens and prized possessions.

And then they were at the wall, Kell cut his palm and Lila kissed him for luck before they traveled through the wall. Seriously, there’s nothing romantic about it. At all. Slow-burning romance (at least I think it’s romance) to the max. You go Victoria. Or maybe I have fooled myself into believing that there’s something between them? Ahahaha, it won’t be for the first time.

I thought that was how this part going to end. OF COURSE NOT. We were brought back to the Stone’s Throw where Barron (who actually heard Kell and Lila leaving)  woke because there’s someone in Lila’s room. Someone who is not Lila. (Oh noes!) He took his shotgun and went to Lila’s room (nooo don’t do it). I think we all knew already who was in her room :/ It’s not like we can stop him though…

And that’s the end of Part VIII.

Favorite Quote

I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still.

Favorite Scene

Everything that happened just before Kell and Lila stepped through the wall.


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