March Wrap-up and April TBR

March, the month where I failed at blogging and reading. Basically.

March wrap-up

Reading recap

My March TBR:

  1. The Alloy of Law (Brandon Sanderson)
  2. Legion (Brandon Sanderson)
  3. More Happy than Not (Adam Silvera)
  4. Me Before You (Jojo Moyes)
  5. Lady Midnight (Cassandra Clare)
  6. Mitosis (Brandon Sanderson)
  7. It (Stephen King)

What I Actually Read:

Legion (Brandon Sanderson)

This novella was really fun to read, and it managed to tackle a lot of important issues.
4 star

Kindred Spirits (Rainbow Rowell)

Kindred Spirits is good, but not great. This short story reads like a pilot to a potentially interesting TV series, and that’s all you got, the pilot. If she ever decided to continue the story, I would definitely read that book. Nevertheless, the title is APPROPRIATE because this book is all about SPIRITS. It’s about being in a fandom and that feeling was captured perfectly by Rowell. Review here.
3.5 star

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell (Susanna Clarke)

I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it because at first I didn’t find it that funny and I read a review that said, if the sample didn’t make you chuckle it’s probably not for you. However, as the story progresses the book got more and more interesting and I started to get the quirks and the humor. In the end, I enjoyed it so much I might have cried a little when I finished it.
 4 star

In the Woods (Tana French)

In the woods is the first book in French’s Dublin Murder Squad series. At first, I was reluctant to pick it up because I was worried it will be like all those interchangeable detective stories out there. I picked it up because this was the book that turned even the harshest reviewers into rabid fan. I’m happy to report that In the Woods is indeed a great psychological mystery. However, it puts more focus on the main characters than the mystery itself, that is probably why some readers were left disappointed.
4 star

More Happy than Not (Adam Silvera)

I didn’t cry – that’s new – but it doesn’t mean this book didn’t do its job. I’ll be posting a review of this book soon so stay tuned. For now, all I can say is that I am now a member of waiting-for-Adam-Silvera’s-next-book club.
4 star

The Alloy of Law (Brandon Sanderson)

I wanted to love it so much, but by the time I finished this book, I was still unsure if I love the book or not. I like it, for sure, but I am not yet feel attached to these new characters. The action sequences, however, are simply perfect. Full review coming soon.
4 star

Currently Reading:
It (Stephen King)

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April TBR

Here we go again.

  1. The Wrath and the Dawn (Renee Ahdieh)
    I already owned the book and the sequel comes out this month. Seems like the perfect time to jump in the hype train.
  2. Front Lines (Michael Grant)
    Please be good, please be good, please be good.
  3. The Scorpio Races (Maggie Stiefvater)
    It’s Fanboy Book Club book for April!
  4. Me Before You (Jojo Moyes)
    Carry-over from my March TBR
  5. Lady Midnight (Cassandra Clare)
    Because it’s currently sitting on the shelf feeling unloved and I need to get to it asap.
  6. The Likeness (Tana French)
    The second book in the Dublin Murder Squad series. Heard that this one is even better. Excited!
  7. The Winner’s Curse (Marie Rutkoski)
    Another book I already owned (it was 2.99 on Kindle and I’m a sucker for bargain price). Hopefully I enjoyed it as much as other people did.

Thank you for reading my blabbering. Until next time!

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February Wrap-up and March TBR

In a strange turn of events, I’ve completed 85% of my February TBR. There’s hope for me after all!

My blogging activity, however, declined dramatically in February. I work in a company that ends its fiscal year on March so these last few months have been really chaotic for me. Expect me to also disappear for most of March and early April.

Anyway, enough about work, let’s recap my reading and blogging (lack of) achievements.

February wrap-up

Reading recap

My February TBR:

  1. Firefight (Brandon Sanderson)
  2. Hero of Ages (Brandon Sanderson)
  3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (JK Rowling)
  4. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender (Leslye Walton)
  5. A Gathering of Shadows (V.E. Schwab)
  6. Charm & Strange (Stephanie Kuehn)
  7. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (Susanna Clarke)

What I Actually Read:

Firefight (Brandon Sanderson)

The second book in Reckoners series was better than I expected it to be. I’m not the biggest fan of Steelheart, but I found Firefight to be highly enjoyable quick read.
4 star

Hero of Ages (Brandon Sanderson)

After the slight disappointment that was Well of Ascension, Hero of Ages was Mistborn return to its full-blown glory. I still like Well of Ascension a lot, but at times I had to drag myself to read that book. Hero of Ages had none of that problem and I ungrudgingly gave it 5 stars.
5 star

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (JK Rowling)

It’s been ages since I last re-read this book. I am delighted to find out that Harry Potter is still as charming as ever even when I read it as an adult. Harry’s first visit to the Diagon Alley still elicited a squeal from me. Not to mention the sorting ceremony, and all of the refreshments and snacks in the Great Hall of Hogwarts.

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender (Leslye Walton)

I should be posting a review of this wonderful book soon, but for now I just want to rave about it. Walton wrote a book that from its descriptions I would find difficult to enjoy. One, lyrical prose. Two, magical realism. Three, the pain and passion of human love.
The fact that I love it so much speaks volume on how amazing this book was.
4.5 star

A Gathering of Shadows (V.E. Schwab)

If you thought I was a little too obsessed with A Darker Shade of Magic, I have a bad news. I’ve found a new book to obsess about and it’s none other than its sequel, A Gathering of Shadows.
4.5 star

Charm & Strange (Stephanie Kuehn)

I reviewed this strange but compelling book here.
4 star

Currently Reading:
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (Susanna Clarke)

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March TBR

I’m going to Sanderson’d my TBR because I have a long long way to go to complete this.

  1. The Alloy of Law (Brandon Sanderson)
    New Mistborn characters, world, time period, etc. Sounds fun.
  2. Legion (Brandon Sanderson)
    I need to make a dent in my novella/short stories TBR and this one seems like an interesting read. Not that I have a choice to not read it.
  3. More Happy than Not (Adam Silvera)
    It’s Fanboy Book Club book for March and I’m really excited to read it!
  4. Me Before You (Jojo Moyes)
    I’m jumping in with the crowd and will try to read this book before I see the movie. It’s also part of my Book Riot challenge.
  5. Lady Midnight (Cassandra Clare)
    This is my #1 priority tbh.
  6. Mitosis (Brandon Sanderson)
    Should be a super quick read before I haul Calamity in April.
  7. It (Stephen King)
    I hate clowns. I’m easily frightened by horror movies. But, I’m also a masochist. Plus this book fits the criteria for both my Book Riot challenge and my door-stopper challenge so I will (TRY to) read it.

Thank you for reading my blabbering. Until next time!

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January Wrap-up and February TBR

Hello everyone, it’s the last day of January which means it’s time for recap post.

I had 5 books in my January TBR. Out of those five, I only read two…
Yes I know, I should be banned from ever making TBR. xD

Let’s recap them.

January wrap-up

Reading recap

My January TBR:

  1. Truthwitch (Susan Dennard)
  2. The Grownup (Gillian Flynn)
  3. Firefight (Brandon Sanderson)
  4. Uprooted (Naomi Novik)
  5. Sanctuary Bay (Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz)

What I Actually Read:

The Grownup (Gillian Flynn)

This novella was originally published as What Do You Do? as part of George R. R. Martin’s anthology, Rogues. It centered around a con-artist who worked as “psychic” to make ends meet. A client hired her to cleanse her house and here, she met the client’s creepy stepson. It’s very short, quite creepy, and I really liked the first half of the novella. However, the second half felt rushed mainly because it’s hard to put so much into 64 pages book. It’s still good though.
3.5 star

Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte)

I started this book in 2014 and made it halfway before quitting so I had to reread the whole thing. The whole “going to school” part really bore me, but surprisingly the pace picked up after the twist introduced in Thornfield Hall.
It wasn’t my favorite classic, but I could appreciate Bronte’s ideas of feminism and I really like the main character, Jane.
3.5 star

War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy)

It took me three weeks to finish this giant. It’s not the thickest book in the world (1392 pages) but it sure felt like so. There are bazillion characters in it and throughout the book Tolstoy would refer to them using their name, nickname, or title. It’s so difficult to keep track of everyone. Once I got the hang of it, though, the book is easier to digest. There are essays inserted throughout the book, and although I appreciate the “why”, they still felt somewhat distracting.
3 star

Uprooted (Naomi Novik)

This book is magical, spooky, and offers a fresh take on fairy tale. You can read my review here.
4.5 star

Tell The Wind and Fire (Sarah Rees Brennan)

This was my #1 most anticipated book in 2016 so I was very excited when the publisher approved my eARC request. It didn’t turn out the way I expected, but I’m not going to say too much here because I will be posting full review as it gets closer to the publication date.
3 star

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I posted the first two parts of my planned 3-parts HTML tips series. The last part should be up this Friday so stay tuned for that.


February TBR

Yep, you read that right. Even though I should be banned from making TBR, since no one has banned me yet I’ll keep making one. 😀
I am also doing three reading challenges/goals this year (that I’m keeping track here) so I want to work toward completing them.

  1. Firefight (Brandon Sanderson)
    Calamity comes out in February so I want to catch up with the series before the release date.
  2. Hero of Ages (Brandon Sanderson)
    I am so behind in the Mistborn series. I’ll have to finish the original trilogy before moving on to the new Mistborn series.
  3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (JK Rowling)
    I joined the Fanboy Book Club and we’re going to (re-)read the book that started it all for many of us. The kick-off post should be up next week and I’m really excited to be part of this book club.
  4. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender (Leslye Walton)
    I also joined the Blogger Bookclub (in retrospect, I am perhaps too ambitious) and the theme for February is to read a beautiful book. This is the book choice of the month and I have to admit, it looks beautiful. I am not a big fan of magical realism, but this one looks promising so we’ll see.
  5. A Gathering of Shadows (V.E. Schwab)
    a.k.a. the book that will make me drop everything until I finish it.
  6. Charm & Strange (Stephanie Kuehn)
    I’ll try to squeeze this one in if possible. It’s a psychological thriller and the premise intrigued me. I actually picked this book as one of my entry for the Book Riot Read Harder challenge, but I’m not even sure if it qualifies for the category. Well, better read it to find out, right? :p
  7. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (Susanna Clarke)
    This one is a big if because it’s a giant. It has to be big though, because I’m going to read it as one of my “doorstopper reading challenge” book.

Thank you for reading my blabbering. Until next time!

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November Wrap-up and December TBR


Hello! Today, I’m doing my first ever wrap-up post. I had 7 books in my November TBR, so let’s see how I did.

November Reading and Review Wrap-up

I read 10 books this month, which was more than my expectation so I’m quite happy with it. Just two more books until I reach my 2015 reading goals.

Here are the books I read throughout the month of November with link to its review if it’s been posted.

Everything, Everything (Nicola Yoon)

A promising debut from Nicola Yoon. This contemporary novel about a girl with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency is filled with cute illustrations, swooning, and heart break. However, there are some parts of the story that doesn’t really do it for me. You can find my review here.

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (Becky Albertalli)

Another contemporary debut! Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda is a book that will make you feel warm and fuzzy. It’s definitely one I’m going to reread in the future. I reviewed it here.

Scarlet (Marissa Meyer)

I was still on the second book in the Lunar Chronicles. I still prefer the first book (Cinder) over Scarlet, but this one is still a solid blend of sci-fi, fantasy and fairytale.

Angelfall (Susan Ee) | World After (Susan Ee) | End of Days (Susan Ee)

Originally, I only planned to read Angelfall in the month of November. Alas, it set up a chain reaction that was catalysed by me purchasing all three as an e-book bundle. I ABSOLUTELY adore this trilogy. Granted, the first book was my favorite, but I think Susan wrapped it up rather nicely in End of Days after a (little) shaky middle book that is World After.

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Jenny Han)

I got my first taste of Jenny Han’s writing with her Summer trilogy. This month, I managed to read the first book, The Summer I Turned Pretty, which was the perfect reading for my lazy days. Belly could be obnoxious at times (which reminded me of myself?) but she grew on me and halfway through, I was totally rooting for her. Shoutout to Trisha @ The Bookgasm for the rec.

Angels Twice Descending (Cassandra Clare, Robin Wasserman)

This is the last e-book in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy. I am not going to review it here because it’s filled with SPOILER GALORE if you haven’t finished The Mortal Instruments AND The Infernal Devices. I am going to say, however, that it made me CRY.

Falling Kingdoms (Morgan Rhodes)

I’ve been meaning to read this series for a while and after seeing it featured regularly in posts made my Jesse @ Books at Dawn, I finally decided to move it up in my TBR. Falling Kingdoms is the first book in the Falling Kingdoms series. It was action-packed and full of twists. I have problems with some of the characters and plot, but I was able to roll with it because EXPLOSION! BETRAYAL! MAGIC! MURDER! I am not 100% on board with this series yet, but I think I need to give the second book, Rebel Spring, a try.

Elantris (Brandon Sanderson)

OH HEY, BRANDON SANDERSON’S DEBUT NOVEL. I am not going to say much about it because my review is coming soon!


What’s left on my November TBR

Chasing Forgiveness (Neal Shusterman)

I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO READ THIS, JUST NOT YET. Chasing Forgiveness was actually a re-release of Neal Shusterman’s book, What Daddy Did. It was a story about a boy trying to make peace after his father killed his mom. Talking about heavy theme!

Career of Evil (Robert Galbraith)

It’s so EXPENSIVE you guys. Even the ebook is priced at $20 or something ridiculous like that. I am going to save my money and wait until it gets cheaper. And by “saving my money”, I mean I am going to use it to buy another two or three books.


Currently Reading

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

Because I’m in the mood for high fantasy (also I bought it as a bundle with Elantris)

Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

I REFUSE to DNF this book. I might have to re-read it because between starting it and now, I have read approximately 10 books (mentioned above). I am quite sure I will actually enjoy it once I get into it, but I just cannot bring myself to read it. I shouldn’t have put it down on the first place. *le sigh*

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab (re-read)

I’m still continuing my re-read of A Darker Shade of Magic in anticipation of A Gathering of Shadows.


Miscellaneous Posts

A Darker Shade of Magic Re-read Part I – IV – Index can be found here.

My Weekly News Round-up Post – #2 | #3 | #4

Book Tags and Awards:

10 Phases of My Reading Life – LINK



Normally, I would do a next month new releases post at the end of the month, but this month I didn’t have time to check Fict Fact and search the internet because disorganized me forgot that it’s the end of November. So I’m just going to post my December TBR now and the most anticipated December new releases tomorrow.

Red Rising (Pierce Brown)

I saw this book in so many lists and I am intrigued with the comparison with Red Queen (I AM HOPING I WILL LIKE IT BETTER THAN I LIKE RED QUEEN, OKAY).

The Emperor’s Soul (Brandon Sanderson)
Part of the Brandon Sanderson bundle mentioned above. It’s only economical if I read all three before I buy more. Plus, I’m on a mission to read all Sanderson published works.

These Shallow Graves (Jennifer Donnelly)
I read a sample of this book some times ago and it seems interesting. I haven’t read a historical novel since The Lair of Dreams (Libba Bray) so it’s time to change that.

UnDivided (Neal Shusterman)
Me: It’s about time, Windie, you need to get over your FEELS and just finish this dystology already.
Me: But I don’t want it to end… That’s why I waited for 2 years before deciding to read it.

Cress (Marissa Meyer)
So far, I really enjoy The Lunar Chronicles, so I have nothing but high expectation on Cress. Don’t let me down, Cress and Cinder and Scarlet.

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November releases and TBR

Hello everyone. It’s again that time of the month when I started checking out fictfact for books that will be released next month.
I am also way behind on my Goodreads reading challenge so I decided to get a little organized and create my TBR for November.


November Releases

I only have two books that I am especially excited about on my November list, and one of them is a short ebook.

  • 10 November
    Winter (#4 in Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer
    The fourth book in Lunar Chronicles will be out next month, and I am excited for it. On the downside, I actually have to read Scarlet and Cress before reading Winter. Ha. I will read those, I will conquer this series! As a matter of fact, I’m putting Scarlet on my TBR for November. Baby steps, right?
  • 17 November
    Angels Twice Descending (#10 in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy) by Cassandra Clare and Robin Wasserman
    The last story in the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy is also coming this November. From what I understand, Simon will ascend, get his memory back, become parabatai with Clary, and go on hot dates (plurals) with Izzy. All in one short book. Okay, that might not be 100% accurate, but I take anything close to it. It’s a bit bittersweet for me because I might not get another story from Simon’s perspective after TFTSA, but it’s the perfect time to wrap it up. Plus, I’m super excited for Lady Midnight.

November TBR

I need to read at least 6 books next month. That might not sound like a lot, but I’m a very moody reader. I read when I’m in the mood, but there are times when I’m simply not. Hence, the list.

  • Everything, Everything (Nicola Yoon)
    Read and heard so many good things about this book. I’ve read a free sample from google play and I was hooked. So I’ll be reading this next month.
  • Chasing Forgiveness (Neal Shusterman)
    Because it’s Neal Shusterman’s book and he never disappoints me (so far).
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty (Jenny Han)
    Have been wanting to read Jenny Han for a while and I saw Trisha @ thebookgasmblog posting a lot about Jenny Han so I finally decided to dive in with this one.
  • Scarlet (Marissa Meyer)
    I really like Cinder, but somehow never thought to buy Scarlet. (I know, I’m awful. Also forgetful)
  • Angelfall (Susan Ee)
    Read some good reviews about this book and the whole series so I figure I’ll give it a try.
  • Angels Twice Descending (Cassandra Clare, Robin Wasserman)
  • Career of Evil (Robert Galbraith)
    IF I could find a bargain price for this book. This books is actually at the top of my TBR list, but it’s way too pricey at the moment. I totally enjoy the first two books and I cannot wait to read this one.