My 2020 Reading Goal

After nearly 3 years of hiatus, I decided that I have done enough of procrastination to last the entire blogging life. (Like can you imagine I spend more time on hiatus than active on this blog?)

So to kick off this relaunch, I will start with something small – and that is my reading goal for 2020.

First of all, yes it is small. I only put 13 books as target in my Goodreads. So far I have read 4 books, a far cry from what I’ve done in the past but bring me right on track on reaching that 13 books a year target. I also still remember when I have ambition to finish reading the entire catalog of Brandon Sanderson in a year (ha ha ha ha), and yes that includes the wheel of time (HA!). Also when I try to read as many doorstopper books as I can in one year. Well, look where it got me. A reading slump :p

So here we go, fresh start, not overambitious, and hopefully refuel my passion for reading:

  1. 13 books in a year.
    This SHOULD be achievable easily. SHOULD being the keyword because guess what I put 12 books last year as my target and have to scramble at the end of the year to complete it. This year, I am around 23% done and we’re still in April so should be easy enough to catch up.
  2. Diversify my reads.
    I have been away for 3 years, and got disengaged with book community perhaps 6 months before that. But I’ll be lying if I said I didn’t miss the discussion and passion of this community in strengthening ownvoice, non-binary gender, and even those discourse with the word “diversity” I felt that I am so behind on this, and it’s time to get myself educated on this.
    I haven’t decided on the topics to start with, but I’ll be looking out for recommendation. I do love fantasy and science fiction so I will start with that genre but going outside my usual reads. This time around, however, I am not doing any of the book challenge besides the one in Goodreads. We’ll see next year
  3. One audiobook.
    I tried, seriously, I did try. MULTIPLE times. I just can’t. And as crazy as this sounds, google play books read aloud works better for me than a real audiobook. I finish my first book this year on an elliptical machine, listening to the google robot reading like 5 or 6 chapters to me.  Awesome. It turns out I prefer robot to real human being?
  4. Finish reading Rhythm of War by 31 December 2020.
    Is this even a goal? Maybe. Maybe it’s a treat for me. 😀

Have recommendation for me or want to share your reading goal? Drop your suggestion or the link to your post in the comments and let me know.

My 2016 Reading Goals

For the last 3 years, I’ve been participating in Goodreads reading challenge. This year is no exception, I’m doing the Goodreads reading challenge and setting my goal at 55 books. In 2015, I managed to read 54 books due to reading slump that hits me on January – June (is it a slump if it lasted 6 months? lol), so this year I’m aiming higher.

However, this year I also want to diversify my reading so I join the Book Riot read harder challenge. This challenge consists of 24 tasks and … I have to say that this will definitely be challenging to me, but that’s where the fun is at, right?

I also add two other reading goals, mostly for fun.

The first one is to read all Brandon Sanderson’s published works. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will definitely know that I’ve become mildly obsessed with his books. Originally, I thought this goal is going to be easy seeing that I’ve read many books of his. But NOPE. It turns out that this author has a total of 35 published works in the span of 10 years since Elantris (his first published novel). And there’s also the problem of The Wheel of Time.

The last goal is what I’ve been calling The Door-stopper Reading Challenge. Basically, you try to read as many door-stopper books as possible. I defined door-stopper books as books with 1000+ pages, but it cannot be a bundle or a collection of stories. This idea came to me because I am that person who takes into consideration the ratio of number of pages to price when buying a book. I know, I know, quantity doesn’t guarantee quality, but when I am in love with a book I don’t want it to ever end. I’m sure you know what I meant. So yes, door-stopper reading challenge.

Last, but not least, because this year I have a resolution to being more organized, I’m keeping tracks of all these goals (minus the GR challenge) on a special page HERE. I even made tables and all that.


Let me know, are you doing any reading challenge this year? What are they?

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2015 Reading Recap: An Infographic

Hello everyone,

It’s time to do a year-end recap, but today I’m bringing you something different.

Instead of summarizing my favorite Brandon Sanderson books of 2015 as I did in every top ten lists, I decided to make an infographic. It might or might not still mention Sanderson.

Honestly, this was inspired by Goodreads Year in Books infographic, which is infinitely more awesome than mine. They also kept track of my books and even gave me cool stats to work with. SO, thank you goodreads!

Here is my 2015 in books:

2015 in reading

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

10 Phases of My Reading Life


I was planning to post this at the beginning of the month, but I … didn’t. At least it’s still November, which is my birthmonth. As I’m getting older, I reflect back on my reading habits growing up.

As soon as I stop holding a book upside down, my mom has been supplying me with books, starting from those picture books, Disney stories, kids magazine, and all the stuff I could no longer recall. My earliest memory of being obsessed with books was of a series called:

The Famous Five
Phase One

It was of course the translated edition of The Famous Five (I didn’t understand English back then, and even now…). I remember wanting to go on adventure with them, eating sandwich, and drink lemonade. I still have The Famous Five books in my shelf (the English version) and I still like to look at them for no reasons.

As I get older, I became interested in other things besides adventure. That is when I started reading:

The Baby-Sitters Club
Phase Two

I used to WORSHIP Claudia Kishi. She was like the coolest person ever and I wanted to be Claudia when I grow up. I reread each book in The Baby-Sitters Club multiple times, although I never own the complete series. I memorized the name of all the Pikes and the name of each kid they babysat.

Alas, nothing last forever. So did my obsession with The Baby-Sitters Club. Before I knew it, I moved on to:

Malory Towers
Phase Three

*shrug* I was raised by Enid Blyton, okay. Anyway, there was a time in my life when I dreamed of going to girls-only boarding school and doing all the pranks and become best friend with Alicia.

This phase lasted only briefly because I discovered:

Fear Street and Detective Stories
Phase Four

Soon after, I entered a prolonged phase when all I read was either Fear Street or detective novels, from “Three Investigators” to STOP (the original title is TKKG). I would beg my parents for new Fear Street books everytime we went to bookstore, some times buying two or three books at once.

As I grew up, I stopped reading these books altogether and started reading:

Sweet Valley High
Phase Five

Ah that blissful feeling that you are now old enough to buy and read Sweet Valley HIGH, and not SV Kids or Twins. This was a hormonal phase I think.. because looking back, I didn’t really like the drama in this series that much. :p

I got over it when at one point I was fed up with some of the characters. So I journeyed to the library and that was where I found:

Harry Potter
Phase Six

That’s right, I actually discover Harry Potter in my school library. (Thank you librarians, I forgot your names but you’re awesome!) Theoretically, I AM still in Phase Six. I never got over my HP phase. 😀 If anything, Harry Potter is the one that starts it all, my journey through the middle grade and then young adults shelves. Back then, there was nothing that could beat the excitement of queueing to get the new Harry Potter books. I still would.

Legal Thriller, Crime, and Mystery
Phase Seven

Near the time when Harry Potter ended, I stumbled upon John Grisham’s The Firm in the bookstore (I totally didn’t buy it because Tom Cruise was on the cover). I plowed through it and soon I’ve read most of his books although I stay away from the contemporary ones. I also read other thriller books, although my favorites are the ones with a lot of courtroom drama. Oh, and during this phase, I also became slightly obsessed with Agatha Christie’s books. I particularly like the last chapter during which Hercule Poirot would boast his otherworldly observation skill. But I also enjoy her Miss Marple books.

Michael Crichton and An Introduction to Sci-Fi
Phase Eight

During my college years, I started reading Michael Crichton. I started like almost everybody else, with Jurassic Park, but in my opinion his best book was either Sphere or The Great Train Robbery. I love how Crichton took his time to do a thorough research before writing his book. I know that his writing style is not for everyone, but I enjoy his books very much.
This phase didn’t last long, mostly because Crichton didn’t have that many books. I do, however, still like to read good sci-fi books if anyone would point it out to me.

Young Adults Fantasy
Phase Nine

I AM NOT SURE HOW I GET HERE!? Maybe it started with Harry Potter, with a boost from Percy Jackson, but I’m pretty sure it was Cassandra Clare’s fault. Yup, I became an avid YA Fantasy novels since I read The Mortal Instruments. Since then, I read her friends’ books (namely, Holly Black’s and Sarah Rees Brennan’s) and one of my tumblr friends made me a list of all young-adults fantasy novels I should read before I die (she didn’t call it that, but I’m pretty sure that’s what she meant). For years, I read almost nothing else.

But then I realized that hey, maybe I want to read something else too… And that led me to:

Phase Ten

I am still very much a fan of fantasy books, but I try to balance it by reading at least one contemporary novel each month, and I also try my hand at reading classics. Surprisingly, I found myself loving Pride and Prejudice. I am currently trying to get through Jane Eyre, but I got distracted a lot so yeah… I like to think that my reading habit has become more diverse, but let’s be real, I’m still far away from becoming a diverse reader.

How about you? Did you go through any of these phases yourself? Or did you grow up reading something totally different than me? Let me know below and let’s go back down the memory laaane (I totally sing that in Tom Fletcher’s voice).

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Infinity Dream Award

Thank you to the lovely Trisha Ann @ The Bookgasmblog for tagging me with the Infinity Dream Award.


This is my first ever book tag so forgive me for getting a little too excited. 🙂
First of all, the rules. You need to share 11 facts about yourself and then answer 11 questions asked to you.

Okay, facts.

11 Facts About Me

  1. I am an avid Formula 1 fan. I never miss a race if I can help it. And I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to watch F1 race live twice.
  2. I like trying out public transportation in foreign countries.
  3. I LOVE COFFEE. That is a fact.
  4. I could sleep anywhere. On the couch, in the car, on the bus, sitting or even standing (dangerous! Don’t try it)
  5. I have unhealthy obsession with fonts. I am the type or person who spend more time picking up the right font and theme than creating the content when making a presentation.
  6. My dream is to one day travel the world and see all the f1 races. And yes, that includes Monaco.
  7. My other dream is to hang out with all my favorite authors and try to pick their brains (not creepy at all).
  8. I don’t really watch tv series. Except supernatural. Because I cannot give up the Winchester bros.
  9. I have terrible spatial reasoning. I get lost in shopping malls all the time
  10. If I could, I would do all my shoppings online. I’m lazy that way.
  11. Podcast is my life saver. I listen to podcast when I commute or work out. Feel free to recommend me any podcast you enjoy, the longer the better (I have to commute for 2.5 hours a day)

And now, for the answers.

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