Top Ten Tuesday: Books On My Spring TBR

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This week, the topic of Top Ten Tuesday is Ten Books on My Spring (more like dry season) TBR. So that’s what I’m going to do. Well, technically I could’ve put 10 Brandon Sanderson books in this list and be done with it, but that’ll be too easy so I’ll do it the harder way and actually dig into my TBR pile.

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Everything I heard about this book has been great (well, except that one hilarious 2-star review) and I’m quite intrigued on how 1001 nights retelling will turn out.

Front Lines by Michael Grant

I have an on-and-off relationship with Michael Grant. I was completely obsessed with his Gone series. BZRK was just okay. Then there was Messenger of Fear which was just passable, but still brought me bad memories. Front Lines, though, sounds like a solid World War II novel. Please be good, book.

Shadows of Self and The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson

I said I wasn’t going to put 10 Sanderson books in this list, not that I wasn’t going to put any of his books. Two should be enough for now. I plan to read Alloy of Law this month and these two are the sequels. New Mistborn stories, should be interesting.

UnDivided (Neal Shusterman)

I promised myself to read this book last November, and the last five times before that, but I really don’t want to say goodbye to those kids.

Calamity (Brandon Sanderson)

Okay, maybe three

The Winner’s Curse (Marie Rutkoski)

I already owned the book and the review of the series has been largely positive so I’m looking forward to reading it.

Cress (Marissa Meyer)

I have read Cinder and Scarlet and I enjoyed them although the long interval between the books made me somehow felt slightly detached to the characters. Nevertheless, I’ve heard Cress is even better so I’m really excited!

Golden Son (Pierce Brown)

Giving this series another chance. It’s not like I hate Red Rising anyway.

The Likeness (Tana French)

I have just finished reading In The Woods, the first book in the Dublin Murder Squad series and boy wasn’t it great?! So I’m going to continue with the second one, which also seem to be the highest rated one. It’s about a detective that working on a case where the victim looks exactly like her (hence, the title).

There you have it, ten books in my spring TBR. Let me know if any of these books is also in yours or if you’ve read them.

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16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books On My Spring TBR

  1. Ah, TWATD. I feel like I’ve hyped it too much that I really should stop talking about it, but I reaaally hope you like it!

    And you read tons of Brandon Sanderson! That man has books I’ve never even heard about. 😛

    1. LOL you’re not the only one though :)) I hope I’ll enjoy it too!
      Haha, yeah. He even wrote novella for those Infinity Blade games. He has tons of short stories and novella out there in the wild that I only found out after browsing his wiki. :p

    1. His Gone series is really good. But sort of dark too. Front Lines has so many positive reviews on GR, I have high expectation for it to be great. Hope you like it if you decide to read it.
      Thanks for stopping by, Lauren! 😀

  2. I’ve been meaning to read The Wrath and the Dawn for AGES! It’s been sitting on my shelf for so long, and I have no idea why I haven’t read it yet. And yes, you totally should read The Winner’s Curse! <3 I can't wait for the last book to come out. Cress was LOVELY. It was just such an engaging read that still manages to be cute. And I need to get to Winter already. XD Good luck with your TBR, Windie! 🙂

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

    1. I will! I cannot wait to read it because everyone was just buzzing about how good it (The Winner’s Curse) was.
      I just recently purchased The Wrath and the Dawn when it went on sale for amazon. :p Hope it’s good.

  3. Ooooh please tell me if Undivided has a nice story! It’s hard to get a copy of it here because unfortunately, Neal Shusterman doesn’t click much in the PH.

    I feel like adapting your action on Cress. I liked Cinder a lot but I haven’t read its sequels yet. If this detachment to the characters is prolonged, I might not enjoy Scarlet as much as how others did.

    Happy reading, Windie! 😀

    1. I will definitely let you know if Undivided is worth picking up. Shusterman doesn’t have many audience in here too. The bookstores carry Unwind (the 1st book), the Skinjacker series, and Challenger Deep. That’s it. Thankfully there are BD and e-books store so I could continue reading his books.
      I am so behind in reading, hopefully I can get to Cress and Winter soon.
      Happy reading! 🙂

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