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Last month, I read and chat about Harry Potter for the Fanboy Book Club, this awesome book club dedicated to read books with male leads. This month, our book of the month is More Happy than Not by Adam Silvera, a book I’ve been wanting to read for some time. MC @ Blame It On The Books will be hosting this month, and as per her announcement post, we get to recommend diverse books for this month. By the way, you should totally check out her post for other bloggers’ recommendation and in case you want to join the book club.


I think that I haven’t read that many diverse books, but here are some I want to share with you. In the spirit of FBCYA, the first two are with male with leads, number three to five has male leads although there are multiple narrators. However, the last one has female lead.

For urban fantasy focusing on family:

THE DEMON’S LEXICON (Sarah Rees Brennan)

tdl Diversity pitch:

  • Disabled male protagonist (not the narrator)
  • LGBT characters, people of color

Other high points:

  • Focus on relationships between siblings and family
  • Witty banters all day all the time
  • Only one of my favorite book ever (forgive me for recommending it every single time)


For heartwarming LGBT contemporary:


 sim Diversity pitch:

  • Characters: LGBT, people of colors
  • Tackling many issues: family and friend support, homophobic issue, social media

Other high points:

  • Heartwarming without ignoring important issues
  • Can i just say this is my favorite YA contemporary ever? :))


For a blend of romance and fantasy:

CARRY ON (Rainbow Rowell)

carry_on Diversity pitch:

  • two boy wizards fell in love in the midst of good vs evil battle.
  • interspecies (?) relationships
  • multiracial leads, including the best friend

Other high points:

  • Rowell wields parentheses like a boss (some readers seem to be annoyed by this, but I love it)
  • Unique spellcasting influenced by pop culture


For eclectics cast with disabled protagonist:

SIX OF CROWS (Leigh Bardugo)

 soc Diversity pitch:

  • MC with physical disability (crippled)
  • The melting pot that is Ketterdam, offering us a bunch of very diverse characters with distinct personalities

Other high points:

  • The interaction between the characters are what made Six of Crows so great. There’s something for everyone here
  • Heist!


For historical ghost stories filled with characters with diverse backgrounds: 

THE DIVINERS series (Libba Bray)

book cover Diversity pitch:

  • Diverse characters with distinct backgrounds: LGBT, people of color, immigrants, chorus girl with mysterious past. You named it.
  • Disabled key character in book 2

Other high points:

  • The atmosphere of this series is really fantastic


For a murder mystery highly influenced by Māori mythology:


 book cover Diversity pitch:

  • Deeply rooted in Māori culture and their mythology. If you like mythology, but want to try something other than Greek/Rome, you might want give this one a try
  • Asexual character
  • Body image issue
  • Multispecies, multiracial

Other high points:

  • Page-turner mystery


That’s all for now! There are many books I didn’t get to mention here and even many more that I need to read. Please leave me your recommendations for diverse books.

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14 thoughts on “Diverse Books Recommendation #FBCYA

  1. Wow, excellent list! I’m trying to read more books that have different characters, rather than the cookie-cutter characters with the same backstories and whatnot.
    Thank you for recommending Demon Lexicon! I’ve heard about it (not sure from where though), and I love urban fantasy and I love books that explore family dynamics. Sounds like a fantastic read for me.

    Also Simon!! ❤ I didn’t think I would like it (I have a terrible history of not liking hyped up books) but it was so melted my heart into chocolate goo.

    1. Thank you CW! I too am trying to read more diverse books, characterwise and also from various genre. I didn’t usually read contemporary so Simon vs was totally an on a whim purchase. I never thought I would like it so much! Thanks to Simon vs, I have been adding more contemporaries to my TBR pile. Haha yes, it also melted my cruel rooting-for-the-villains cold heart.
      The Demon’s Lexicon is one of my favorite books. It has such mixed reviews on GR, but I really enjoy the family dynamics in the book. The narrator is not the most likeable person ever though.

      1. I don’t often read contemporaries either, but I REALLY recommend anything by Taylor Jenkins Reid (I think I’ve gushed about her to you before though)! Hahaha right?! It definitely placated my thirst for dark things. XD I almost felt like a little girl again.

        I’ll DEFINITELY look it up next time I’m in the library! We need more books about the family, so I’m definitely interested. c:

        1. Ahh, I need to look her up. I’m currently in that weird mood when I consistently switching between wanting to read psychological thriller and heartwarming contemporary. lol.
          Yes we do! Let me know if you have any other recs. 😀

  2. Nice list! Really enjoyed Six of Crows, The Diviners, and Carry On. I haven’t read the others, but may need to look into them now.

    The primary reason I find parenthesis in fiction annoying is because I’ve beta read for writers who have a tendency to overuse them. I think I wouldn’t be so against their use if I hadn’t read as many early drafts as I have, and, therefore, would have been less likely to find them somewhat annoying in Carry On.

    1. Thanks Jacqueline. I saw many reviewers complained about the parenthesis abuse and I could see why. I mean, she DID sprinkle a massive amount of those parentheses on Carry On. Lol. Seeing where you came from, it is no wonder they annoyed you.

  3. This is such an awesome list! Because COME ONE, who WOULDN’T want to read Six of Crows? Multiple times…
    I love how you put a question mark next to inter-species relationship in Carry On haha. But it makes sense! Since Baz is a vampire and all… right? RIGHT? (Who cares tbh, him and Simon are still my fave couple 5ever)

    I hope you enjoy More Happy Than Not! Although I love the message it sent, it was also really bittersweet and had me clutching at tissues.

    1. Thank you, Aila! 😀 Nowadays, Six of Crows is my go-to recommendation everytime someone asked me to recommend them a book.
      LOL. I’m glad you noticed that. I didn’t want to give a major spoiler in the post, but then again nearly everyone knew. Hahaha. TELL ME ABOUT IT, I REREAD CHAPTER 61 SO.MANY.TIMES I COULD ALMOST QUOTE THE WHOLE CHAPTER.
      Ahh More Happy than Not! I am reading and LOVING it. The way it’s going, I am sure it’s going to make me cry in public.

  4. LOL yes to that description on Carry On! Rainbow Rowell is just so fond of parentheses.

    I just finished Six of Crows and I loved the character diversity and the various contradictions and compatibility on their personalities. I thought it was just a spinoff of Grisha trilogy and I thought I wouldn’t enjoy that it wasn’t but it was even greater, I suppose. 🙂

    1. Ahh I am so glad you liked Six of Crows. I haven’t read Grisha so I wouldn’t know. Haha. But I’m sure there are some nice easter eggs there for people who have read the Grisha trilogy even though the main characters are different.

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