Most Anticipated October Releases

The month of October is upon us! Okay, it’s still 16 days to go, but I’m buzzing with excitement over the possibility of new releases (books) next month.

Here are some of my most anticipated books to be released in October 2015.

October 6

I’m kicking this off with a BIG release day. Not only that Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer (the first book in the new Rick Riordan series) will be released on that day, it’s also the day when Ms. Rainbow Amazing-is-My-Middle-Name Rowell is going to drop her new book, Carry On. Two RRs (that four Rs) in one day, I think I might faint from over-excitement and exclamation points!!!

Let’s talk about them.
Rick Riordan has been one of the most consistent MG/YA author I ever read. His Percy Jackson is on my top 5 series of all time, and I also enjoy The Kane Chronicles and The Heroes of Olympus. He is one of the few authors whose companion books I still buy (PJ & The Greek Heroes, PJ & The Greek Gods, etc).

Rainbow Rowell, man, I would run of adjective to describe this lady so I wouldn’t even start. Her writing is so SO GOOD. Now, Fangirl wasn’t my favorite of hers, but I still heart it so I’m more than willing to give Carry On, which was a Fangirl spinoff, a try. See, the other thing I love about Rainbow is that she’s a badass. She was famous for writing realistic YA, but then she went ahead and published not only an adult fiction, but one with magicked telephone in it.

Here is the list of some books due to be released on that day, some I haven’t really followed but might be of interest to you.

  1. Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer (#1 in Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard) – Rick Riordan
  2. Shadows of Self (#5 Mistborn) – Brandon Sanderson
  3. The Favorite (#4.5 in Selection) – Kiera Cass
  4. The Rose Society (#2 in The Young Elites) – Marie Lu
  5. Carry On – Rainbow Rowell
  6. The Rest of Us Just Live Here – Patrick Ness

See what I mean? Big day! For more books, especially ones that are part of series, check out FictFact

October 13

Chasing Forgiveness – Neal Shusterman
I’ll read everything Neal Shusterman writes, including grocery list.

October 20

Okay, so I only put two dates here, buuut On October 20, Cassie Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan will release the 9th book in Tales from The Shadowhunter Academy, Born to Endless Night. Speaking of TFTSA, I still need to update that list of my favorite Shadowhunter Academy books… Oh well.
Back to the book! Here’s the synopsis of Born to Endless Night:

What happens when Magnus Bane brings a baby home to his boyfriend Alec Lightwood?

After a warlock baby is abandoned on the steps of the Academy, Magnus rescues the child—and brings him home to his boyfriend, Alec.

Simon, like the rest of the Academy, is stunned when a navy-skinned warlock baby is found on the Academy steps. They hand the child over to guest lecturer Magnus Bane, who has to bring a child home… temporarily, of course… to his man!

*GASP* I could just tell this will potentially be my favorite one from all 10 short books. I mean, Simon and Magnus and Alec??! How could one handle that?!

Oh and if you’re following Iron Fey series from Julie Kagawa, The Iron Warrior, should be out on that day too.
And, if you’re a fan of JK Rowling and her new detective books written as Robert Galbraith, Career of Evil, will also be published at that day.

That’s pretty much it from me. I’m interested to hear from you though, what’s your most anticipated book for October? You can find a list of books that’s part of series on that FictFact link I posted above.

Edited to add: Neal Shusterman’s upcoming novel and the new Cormoran Strike book.

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